Brad Jordan

Harmony Rigging and Production Design




12Field Animation | Melbourne

Toon Boom Harmony Rigging Supervisor | The Strange Chores

On 12Field Animation’s television series The Strange Chores, I am the Harmony Rrigging Supervisor.

In this role, I lead a small team of in house riggers (and on occasion, freelance riggers), in creating assets that are both easy to use for animation, while allowing a large range of articulation and movement, letting animators work quickly, while creating quality, intricate animation.

In this role, I also assist the design leads with setting out designs for rigged characters and general Harmony assistance when they create props. I also assist the animation team on trouble shooting complexToon Boom issues.

Cheeky Little | Sydney

Toon Boom Rigger (Remote) | Spongo, Fuzz & Jalapena

For Cheeky Little I’m working on their television series Spongo Fuzz and Jalapena for Disney Australia/Foxtel.

I began assisting in getting their rigging off the ground on their first 2D rigged television show, by preparing their main character rigs, conversing, checking and supplying notes to freelance studios they had complete work for them and creating a custom rig template for all riggers they employed (to retain consistency throughout production) to use.

I flew to Sydney for a short rigging lesson, which I supplied to their animation team. I also assisted in the vetting process of riggers they hired for the production.

As the rigging got off the ground, I have continued on with Cheeky Little in the completion of rigs, which are assigned to me via Shotgun Studios. I create both complex and simple rigs quickly, while making sure that the rigs are capable of all movements necessary from the supplied animatics.


Hackett Films | Sydney

Background Designer (Internship, Remote) | Ibis Queen

Background designs for an ABC funded web series called Ibis Queen


Oh Yeah Wow | Melbourne

Concept Design (Internship) | In Development Project


RMIT | Royal Melbourne Institue of Technology | Melbourne

Bachelor of Design: Animation and Interactive Media

3.1 GPA | Graduated with Distinction

Advanced Diploma in Professional Screenwriting

3.3 GPA